What fuels our fire.

We are here to make a difference in our community and beyond.

The Dewey Artist Collaboration is a group of artists that have come together to expand, evolve, and inspire our local artistic network in Sussex County, Delaware. We are not only here for our artists, but are dedicated to enriching our local culture in partnership with our community. We have artists from all different walks of life, artistic abilities, and creative goals. The DAC was formed to nurture the creative ambition of these people so their vision can spread like wild fire throughout our area and beyond.

The Spark.

It started on the beach. 

In the summer of 2015, these artists came together on the beach and joined forces to forge a creative future… without any intention of doing so. Brought together by our local skim community through Alley Oop Skim and Skim USA; Amanda Pace, Angelica Clemmer, Michael Johnson, Timmy Bada, and Leah Beach were just some artists collaborating and having a great time while doing it.

The Inspiration.

Bringing artists together. 

When the air grew cold and the tourists left, Amanda Pace, Leah Beach, and Jason Wilson owner of Alley Oop Skim brought together 18 artists on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday in the Starboard parking lot for the Dewey Sip and Shop. In three weeks they pulled together the logistics, some awesome breweries, and an inspired group of artists. They took the biggest gamble so far; Will our community support local artists?

They did. With overwhelming success, which happened again at Dewey Sip and Shop 2016. They embraced these artists and showed us we have artists hungry for opportunity and a community ready to embrace them.

Forging a creative future. 

We are the DAC

Coming together for the sake of art is easy, but the journey getting there is filled with bumps and turns. In the beginning, the DAC was a small group of artists creating art and making opportunities to connect the community with it. Through Pop-up Galleries in breweries and restaurants, as well as partnering with other organizations and businesses to enhance their events, our humble little organization was dedicated to getting our name out there without much of a interest in what the future could hold.

In May of 2017, the reality that this little monster was something bigger than we could ever have imagined suddenly occurred to us. Though finding a brick and mortar home wasn’t on the agenda, our dream home found us which evolved us into our next chapter.

Meet the Fam.

Our artists and visionaries are out of this world. Opportunity doesn’t come easy, and these are the people who get us there.

Our programs.

We like to do things a little different. Check out what we do, and how we do it. 

Want to dive in?

If you’re just starting out looking for something to do or you’re a master artist, we want you. We are here to connect you with our artists and our artistic community. 

Boom baby.

Now you know who we are. This is what we're doing.

Our goal is to forge an artistic community. We strive to be a progressive sustainable arts organization all about connecting you to our artists and our artists to you. We are here to stay and shake things up all while collaborating with local organizations and non-profits, businesses, and most importantly, you!